New Mamba F405 Flight controller

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We recently added a new flight controller to our catalog, and building with this flight controller is really simple and quick. Gone are the day you have to solder 4 differnt escs, and solder the signal cables, etc. The F405 Stack will remove that step for you, thus eliminating precious time taken to build your FPV quadcopter.

Here is a sample order list for a 5in quadcopter drone kit. These are top notch components for a fraction of the price of a BNF unit you can get on the market.

Frame – BoltRC Lambda
Flight controller and ESC Stack – Mamba F405
Motors – MRS Komets 2306 2450KV
Canera – Caddx SDR 2
VTX – Matek HV Vtx with Smart Audio
Receiver – Frsky rXsr or TBS Crossfire Nano RX
Props – HQProps 5 x 4.3 x 3

Connecting Motors to the ESCs

Let’s begin by identifying where the front of the Flight controller should be facing. All flight controllers have a little arrow to show you where the front is, and in this case, the arrow is situated just above the F4 chip, in the middle of the board.
Once you identify the front , the motors are as follows, motor 1 ( lower right) , motor 2 (upper right), motor 3 (lower lef) and motor 4 (upper right).

Last but not least here is the wiring diagram for the Mamba F405 Flight controller. Please double check and make sure no shorts exists. Best way to do is to create a smokestopper.

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