Our company

Multirotorshop is an online business aimed at providing hobbyists a place to gear up, stock up and fly without having to worry about quality of the equipment.

Most of our products have been tested, and proven in the field before they are marketed. We see through brand names, and you can be assured the motors, escs, and FPV gear we stock are absolute quality for the price you pay.

Multirotorshop has high quality customer service, and aims at timely delivery.

You can contact us anytime via email, info@multirotorshop.com.au

We are proud to represent the following manufacturers, Cobra Motors, Flycolor ESCs, Furious FPV, Frsky, ZTW ESCs, EMAX, AirpixFPV, Airblade UAV, ShenDrones, Sunrise ESCs, DALRC, Surveilzone, Foxeer, TeamBlack Sheep (TBS), Shenzen Favourite (FVT), Seriously Pro, Abusemark, Matek, DemonCore RC, Bonka, Leopard Power, Shenzen FXT, MultiRC, and Furious FPV.

This list is growing as we continue to grow as a company.